That's it, they made it!


 When you are used to the BIG PEAT, you always wonder what might be missing to make it even bigger than usual? The answer is a Cask Strength version! From time to time Father BIG PEAT Noël brings one.


In 2019, Christmas is in September (I didn't even have time to write my letter).



On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the famous Remarkable Regional Malts blend, Douglas Laing is giving a gift to peat lovers: a limited edition version (500 bottles, so certainly 1 barrel) of 10 years old marketed by the force of the barrel as they say! In addition, to celebrate this anniversary, the bottle is accompanied by a "poster" that retraces the great moments of BIG PEAT over the past 10 years but above all it has passed into the hands of its creator FRED LAING (who gives us a beautiful unitary dedication).



Beautiful! Beautiful!


What scores the most when you have the bottle in hand (except its size of 50 cl which makes you say but it is not enough!!!!!) is the color of the liquid. It's much darker than usual. We are more used to having a BIG PEAT more gold very light (natural color) than almost coppery as here. But that seems pretty normal when you know that the last 10 years have been a year.

Let's get back to our tasting. To be optimal, the tasting must of course be done in a BIG PEAT glass.


So this magnificent golden-coppery liquid flows into the glass and of course lets a sweet smell of peat evaporate (before you even plunge your nose into it).

It is precisely at the moment when the nose approaches the glass that the BIG PEAT effect occurs! Slap it! Slap it! I advise you to sit well at the back of your club chair, because it is increased here by its 54.2° (legend has it that some customers have lost their sight there!). What strength.


You have to do violence and let your nose get used to alcohol, because once done, it is the freshness of the sea and the spray of the south coast of Islay that rises into your nostrils. Come out with your nose to come to your senses. When you put your nose back in the glass, the sweet sweet and mellow scents of peat that make their appearance.


A BIG PEAT remains a BIG PEAT, when you like peat you want to cry!


Let's focus on our tasting.


Concentration is needed when it comes to tasting it. No matter how much you expect it when the liquid enters the mouth, it makes its mark by its presence. This time with its 54.2 ° it is not a right that we take in the pear, but an uppercut!





You are on the beach of Eilean Imersay in the south of Islay Island, your friend PEAT has decided to make a fire (of peat of course) to grill pork belly. As he brushes the meat with orange honey, the southern sea breeze rises, carrying with it scents of sea air and the smell of seaweed.


That's a little bit like what's going on in your mouth: peat, sugar, citrus fruits and a marine freshness coats your mouth. But with the 10-year-old cask strength version, it is accompanied by the power of alcohol. Beautiful. Keeping the liquid for the ten seconds it takes to let it show all its facets is a difficult task, but it is magnificent.


I just want to warn you that the fact that your eyes are wrinkled is quite normal (it passes with time!)


Once swallowed, the liquid leaves in the mouth long aromas of cold peat but also a great roundness and sweetness.


I say we would like to celebrate his birthday more often at PEAT (well, I will always be present at the party!). The only disadvantage is that one less glass in this bottle has a much more visual impact than usual given the capacity! You can never have enough!!


 Happy Birthday PEAT