Would you like some peat?


Take a little dram from Ardbeg.


Do you want strong peat?


Take a little dram from Ardbeg Kelpie


With its beautiful straw colour, this whisky has a very complex and multiple nose. First of all, it goes from a light sea breeze to a large peat bog. Like the impression of a smoked fish that has returned to the sea amidst seaweed. You can even find a dark chocolate base there.


Once in the mouth it is a peat festival. We're taking it on our own. A mixture of fish but also smoked bacon with the bitterness of dark chocolate and coffee. When it is kept longer in the mouth, it is the sweetness of the peach that appears.


The finish is worthy of the name. It is long and leaves in the mouth all the power of peat (a little as if you had just swallowed tar). But for all that it looks sweet and creamy!


Nice trip in the middle of a burning bog.