There are moments in life that mark us like that day.


 Whisky live 2013 (Cf. Best memories) we are invited by The DALMORE to go to the roof of the Palais de la mutualité in Paris for a tasting in front of our Lady of Paris with Sir Richard Paterson. 


Just imagine what a nectar aged in new American oak barrels can look like, separated to age on one side in Palomino Fino 25 year old sherry barrels and bourbon barrels, and finally to be reunited to complete their wooded journey in Tawny port barrels from Portugal.  What a job!


A treat of exotic fruits, marzipan, vanilla, chocolate truffles with a creamy whisky.


The palate is very complex but exquisite: Dry fruits, spices but also candied citrus fruits (lemon, orange), leather...


It took us an hour to find everything!



What a moment!