GLENFIDDICH 21 ans Winter Storm Of 43%


If I had ever thought I'd say that: "This Glenfiddich is beautiful! ».


If I swear to you, it's not because it's a 21-year-old or because it's rare and expensive (more than 270€ a bottle before the auction where it will certainly fly away) but because it's really exceptional.


As is often the case for its special finishes, and for this third series of the Winter Storm range, the Glenfiddich distillery has kept the same recipe. Let your single malt mature between 21 and 30 years of age in oak casks like its congeners but finish the last 6 months in casks made from liquids other than whisky. Here, they came straight from the land of the caribou. The particularity of these barrels from Peller Estates lies in the fact that they contained an ice wine (vinification from a grape harvested hard like small stones at -10°) made with vines located near Niagara Falls.


No, this single malt doesn't smell like maple syrup. But, paradoxically, when you dive into it, it brings out sweet fruit aromas (exotic or candied). As often happens, the finish appears when you plunge the nose a second time into the glass. We discover new, slightly sweet notes of ice wine (sweet dry white wine). Okay, it's not a syrup but overall the feeling of this wine is there.


When you put it in your mouth, the feeling is the same because the sweet notes are confirmed. Fruit flavours are present. On the other hand, the finish is a little harsher (sensation linked to the finishing barrel).


This whisky is therefore generally greedy and very pleasant and could please the most refractory of the Glenfiddich brand (but who would have certain means anyway!!!!).