Another Mars Attack! A brand new one coming directly from the heights of the highest Japanese distillery Shinshu Mars (800 m ok it's not Mount Fuji but it's the highest).

With this Blend made according to the rules of the art from malt and grain once again we experience a beautiful journey in the middle of cherry blossoms, all in freshness and despite a very slightly smoky finish. 

When you plunge your nose into the glass, you immediately feel the freshness and sweetness of the young spring flowers. As if this whisky, only distilled in winter (like all Mars whisky) remained fresh like the water from the heights with which it is distilled. A second passage highlights sweet notes of ripe white peaches. It is only in the third passage that we can distinguish (but we must have a very fine nose) that we discover the announced smoky notes.

In the mouth this whisky is silky. The result is sweet aromas of honey and vanilla. By keeping it a little longer you can feel the aromas of grapes and even the slight bitterness of liquorice.

Once the trip to the heights of Nagano, sweet and pastry aromas of vanilla remain in the mouth.

A Mars whisky as always quite rare but which allows you to have a good time again.


whisky is only available on LMDW