We often make beautiful discoveries in the living rooms. However, this time, in the hushed atmosphere of the Palais Brognard in Paris, we did not make a complete discovery. 



But every time the name LEDAIG appears, we know we're going to have a good time in the sweet peat smoke. On the other hand, the small bottles coming out from behind the stand and with a homemade label... I love it!



The one I'm going to talk about today completely meets expectations (as always with LEDAIG de TOBERMORY): 21 years old with a barrel finish of Andalusian manzanilla (Spanish wine not to be confused with Italian manzana!!!). 




This finish is the only new production of the distillery for 2019. Imagine, it was distilled on the Isle of Mull in 1997. The liquid was then aged for 19 years in ONE (that one) hogsheads drum and finally ended up in another hogsheads drum of Spanish manzanilla! When we say 1 cask, it is really only one cask, which makes this whisky quite rare (if not very rare) (it is limited to 1602 bottles when sold).


That's the setting! So what does it look like?


As for the colour, it is intense gold (quite dark) and even green reflections! Normal we will say because at TOBERMORY, we love colours.


Be careful here, we went directly from the barrel to the bottle, without seeing a drop of water. Also, it's a 52.9° whisky in which you'll plunge your nose.


Excited by its strength, your nose will first discover slightly woody and sweet notes such as caramelized. Then, it is at the second passage that our dear friend the peat makes her appearance. It is always a great pleasure to feel the soft peat from the Isle of Mull (I know I am not objective, it is one of my favourites). Finally, I recommend a third passage where the peat, always her, will mix with citrus fruits (certainly the effect of the finishing barrel).



In the mouth, during the 21 seconds you will keep it to enjoy its 21 years, a lot of things will happen that I let you dream here! 


Imagine, first of all, 52 Highland horses galloping generously into your mouth. Once the herd has passed, the wind calms down to reveal the crushed caramelized grapes. It is at this moment that you realize that the vines that supported the said grapes and that were crushed by the herd, had been planted on a peat-burnt soil. I'll let you travel again. Suddenly, the wind rises, lifting the dust from the field and carrying chocolate and peppery aromas of the grapes it has just dried from the ground. Yes, yes, I swear to you in 21 seconds. We only want to see the Highlands again!  


If they don't come back to you and your glass is desperately empty, you will still have a beautiful memory in your mouth. The softness of the peat remains as if stuck to your palate, but it leaves quickly but for a long time with pleasant citrus aromas.