Have you ever tasted an Indian honey cake? Didn't you know there was such a thing? Well, neither do I.
The brand that is to become Paul John has decided to introduce them to us by launching its new range (entry-level to be precise): Nirvana. The Goa distillery, which grows its barley in the foothills of the Himalayas, has decided to complete its Select Cask range (whose notes are quite marked with fruit or peat) with a new, sweet and affordable whisky. As if to complete the Samsara of the brand it ends in Nirvana.
For once the tasting will start with the packaging that already projects us in South India with very Indian colours and a magnificent elephant!

But of course having a beautiful box is good but the taste must be up to the task.

Also, it is necessary to continue the journey to GOA by pouring the coppery gold liquid into the glass (color worthy of maharajas). Nice announcement.

This whisky is quite affordable (in taste and price) and simple and stands out as a great success to discover the aromas. The nose is immediately invaded by sweet sweet honey aromas. Then, the sweet journey continues with a reminder of a caramel cake (an obvious blend of English and Indian know-how). Finally we can still travel to India (real smell or rambling mind) with a background of sandalwood smell.

As the smell tells us, we are in the presence of a sweet (40 °) and sweet whisky. The tasting confirms this feeling, with aromas of sweet barley and sweet honey in the mouth. By keeping it in the mouth you can even feel the softness of vanilla.

It is by the way, these same vanilla notes that persist in the palate once the liquid has been swallowed. The finish is long and very pleasant and allows us to let our minds wander towards the not so distant regions of the province of Goa on the Arabian Sea and makes us want to continue discovering the beautiful achievements of this future great whisky name.

Nice discovery.