Direction Speyside but with the touch of the Laing brothers.


From a distillate that came out of the stills of the old GLENBURGIE distillery in 1997, the choice was made here by Douglas Laing (but with a marketing of Hunter Laing -ah family business -) to age this whisky in a sherry barrel for 16 years.


This finish supports the already very fruity character of this Speyside whisky. Surprisingly enough, considering the time spent in sherry barrels, its colour remains quite light gold.


Its nose is soft and fine. Like all Glenburgie, it brings out the mixed scents of citrus fruits and exotic fruits. The second passage reveals rather herbaceous notes but also aromas of plums (certainly related to the futon).


In the mouth the 50 ° do their work but are softened by an oily side. The fruit flavours are important (red fruits, citrus fruits, grapes) and its counterbalanced by caramel aromas. Keeping it in the mouth even reveals freshness like mint or liquorice.


The finish is even different because it reveals long scents of honey and apple mixed together.


 Nice move from the Laing brothers