Passing through the magnificent landscapes of the Vercors massif south of Lyon, I had just passed Saint-Jean-en Royans, a village closing the door of the Grand Canyon de Laval, and its pedimented church.


I was heading further south towards Valencia, when, at the exit of the Village, at the bend in a curve, a large Sequoia caught my eye.


No, it wasn't a telephone antenna disguised to blend in, it was a real tree that looked like it hadn't been planted from the last rain. At its foot a large building seemed open to the winds. As I approached, I saw a second building and especially a small road that seemed to lead to it, but my vehicle stopped suddenly when I saw the word: Distillery!


Here is one of the 60 French distilleries, my peatdream blood was "only a peat", you had to go there especially when I saw that it was the distillery of the smiling Anne-Helene met several times in salons: THE VERCORS DISTILLERY. I understood the name better, you couldn't miss it in the middle of the course.



Just before the building, I come across a barley field? But are we doing some local or what? Well, yes, local and organic too! The large building in question was a former silkworm nursery.



To taste it and read all the press on it, the young pur malt (whisky under 3 years old) produced here is one of the future great French. It was born from a passion for taste but also for a job well done.



You therefore take enthusiasts, local organic barley, fresh water straight from the Vercors mountains, an altitude distillery, a first homemade still (made by Eric the local master) which allows, like perfumers, a first distillation at low temperature (50° for 14 hours) to get the best of the aromas, and you get the SEQUOIA pur malt (peated or not peated) ! 



Being on the spot, let's taste the peat!


Of course, given his age, he is still very clear, although he draws slightly towards the light straw. It should be remembered that it has remained only slightly in its barrel for the time being.



Anyway, it smells like smoke! When the nose dives into the glass it is coated with a beautiful soft and sweet peat, but also with fresh cereals. The mixture is very pleasant. Once you have let your nose get some air and plunge it back into the glass, you will discover more fruity aromas (which will certainly be discovered with ageing). A third pass will give way to fresh aromas as if the water from the Vercors mountains had transmitted its freshness. It looks like this whisky (ah zut not sorry yet, but it will soon be!!!), this pur malt almost minty.  And he hasn't been in the barrel for more than three years yet, that's a promise!



In the mouth, the freshness is transformed into heat. The first aromas are clearly sweet and sweet. The peat is very light and in the background. The sugar that one could come from a ripe pear, then gives way to a little more bitterness (but very light I reassure you) and more peppery aromas. It is still a little young and we can imagine, here again, that it will improve in its barrel.


It leaves a little peat and peppermint in the mouth. It seems that the impression of freshness of the nose returns at a gallop to leave a memory of the fresh mornings of the Vercors 


When your glass is empty, it will have beautiful peaty aromas but also a beautiful hay farm smell.


 Although still very young, this whisky, sorry this pure malt, promises great experiences as you get older. Despite the size of the bottles (too small for my taste), you can even drink a lot of them, they are organic !!! In addition, knowing Eric's passion for beautiful things, and Anne-Hélène's passion for women-touch, we can expect beautiful things in the future (I will bet on finishes in more or less exotic barrels - from the Caribbean for example -) but I say that I say nothing.