This Single Malt has a special character because it is one of the first Balvenie to be made from 100% peat barley. A week before the annual cleaning of the stills, the distillery's craftsmen take the opportunity to distil peated barley in order to produce a whisky of a very different style from the one known at The Balvenie.

This week is called Peat Week. At the end of this week, the stills are cleaned and the peat smell disappears and gives way again to the classic profile of the Single Malt The Balvenie... until the next one! This


Single Single Malt is singular and aged for 14 years, hence a certain sweetness that balances the notes of smoke, peat, vanilla and honey.


The palate is velvety and woody and the finish is creamy and honeyed with smoke.

Balvenie which will surprise many people.