There are some nice places anyway! Imagine yourself standing in front of a display case with several beautiful bottles and being told "which one do you want to taste? ». Big dilemma when on each of the bottles there is marked THE MACALLAN - HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY.


The choice offered is quite wide: sherry oak, double cask, triple cask, 12 years old, 15 years old, 18 years old, Estate, The Edition Series... enough to make more than one salivate.


But today, my eyes turn to a bottle alone in the display: THE MACALLAN RARE CASK - Batch #1 2019 Release !!


I heard a lot of good things about the Batch#1 2018 Release version so why not try it?


The bottle is very classy (like the brand's entire new range - Editor's note -) and announces an exceptional moment.


The liquid it contains is a beautiful dark amber color (almost brown!) There must be a hint of sherry in it. I am inquiring and indeed I am told a version composed of several American and European oak barrels "seasoned" with sherry (the sherry butt industry is so flourishing nowadays, that many barrels only see Spanish wine for 3 years before being sold "expensive, very expensive" to Scottish distilleries - NDLR-). It doesn't matter how long it was, as long as there was sherry in it! 


One thing is certain: although announced ageless, the liquid in question has certainly lived beautiful and many years in the 50 500-litre drums in question to reach this colour.



Let's go then.


I would say that on the nose this whisky is "robust". Built in oak and with woody aromas, its carcass smells like vanilla but also like vines loaded with ripe grapes. We almost have the impression to be in the presence of a cask strength (whereas it only titles 43 °). These aromas are even slightly present in the second passage but on an even denser note of prunes and raisins (certain contribution from the sherry barrel) which densify the vanilla. It is only after taking a little air that the nose discovers, during a third passage, the most usual notes of THE MACALLAN: sweet citrus fruits and fresher notes of orchard fruits (a little more present in the 2018 version - Editor's note).


In the mouth, this whisky is quite intense. It fills the palate with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel but also develops the bitterness of roasted dark chocolate.  Preserved longer, it is first of all with woody notes that it is transformed, plus fresher notes of apples.


Once swallowed, it leaves long, soft and dense notes in the throat, which nevertheless let a hint of lemony bitterness filter through.


Another beautiful moment spent in the presence of a bottle of THE MACALLAN. It's a pity that these are paid for at a high price! For today's one, you have to count the round sum of 250 € anyway! But quality is paid for and then at that price you get a nice box :)