The alchemists of the TOMATIN Highlands distillery have decided to pay tribute to the different elements that make it possible to move from barley grain to whisky. Indeed, they wanted, by their series Five Virtues to celebrate wood, fire, earth, metal and water: Water nourishes wood; wood maintains fire; fire gives life to earth; earth produces metal; metal collects water (distilled)...


For the record, Tomatin means the juniper hill. The name was chosen in reference to this plant which allowed to produce a great heat by burning but which did not give off any smell and allowed clandestine distillers of the 19th century. 

Here we will taste the metal distilled in the 12 stills of the distillery and aged in bourbon barrels.


First of all, it is pastry notes that jump out at the nose as soon as it is immersed in the glass. Sweet and creamy aromas of vanilla, milk, yeast and even chocolate. When he dives back into it, the nose discovers the more usual aromas of the highlands: white fruits, apple and even kiwi.


The creamy sensation is brought back to the palate with this whisky that can be defined as almost mellow. Nevertheless, the fruity and sweet aromas of peaches and spices also emerge when kept in the mouth longer. The wood of the barrel comes out more when you run a drop of water through it.


The finish, rather short, nevertheless leaves a feeling of softness and lightness, bordering on freshness.