UBERACH CASK BLEU Single Malt Collection 59,8°


Today we will stay in France and go on a tour of the stork country in Alsace. Head for Jean Metzger's artisanal distillery and to taste Uberach whisky.


Personally I had stayed on an Alsatian whisky with a strong taste of brandy and had never really come back to the whiskies of the East (from the Lower Rhine in this case). Well, it took the audacity of a restaurateur (from the Auberge du Cheval Blanc to Pontoise not to name him) to get me back there.


 Great job he took him to make me taste this UBERACH single malt from the BERTRAND distillery and to reconcile me (easy when people talk to me about whisky, I must say) with the Alsatian whiskies. And I would say that it is a great idea to make French with a barrel finish of Rhone Valley wine (Rasteau).


The finish gives it a beautiful amber colour.


When you plunge your nose into the glass for the first time, you are surprised by the pastry note, but in the traditional way. It seems as if the pear and caramel cake it makes you think of was made and baked over a wood fire with the woody aromas that mix. It is still necessary to leave a little air on the nose, because liquid title still nearly 60 ° (gross barrel). When it plunges back into the glass, the nose then discovers very floral and fresh notes (such as an Alsace signature) that are added to the woody notes that are always present. He has nothing to envy some Macallans. Finally, when you plunge your nose into the glass for the third time, you may be surprised by a marine aroma (probably one day when the spray had blown into the Lower Rhine!


The decor is set, you'll have to try it now.


On the palate, of course, we find the power of the liquid but also the rather complex contribution of the red wine barrel. Fruity and even peppery notes brought by the wood of the wine barrel. Keeping it a little in the mouth, it is the salty notes that win and prevail over the woody aromas.


 On the other hand, the opposite is true for the length in the mouth, since the salty notes fade quickly enough to give way to the woody ones that remain in the mouth long enough.


We can clearly say that this whisky, certainly artisanal and rare (single cask pulled just over 350 bottles) is a great experience that I recommend.