To taste this magnificent French whisky, what could be better than to go to the northern tip of the Côtes d'Armor on the island of Bréhat just opposite the Glann Ar Mor distillery.


 We are in Brittany and to silence the slanderers it is a beautiful weather which supports the beauty of the stones that appear at low tide.


I sit at the foot of the Rosedo lighthouse, take out my beautiful bottle of Kornog flocked from its magnificent copper label. To accompany the whole thing, I prepare some Guéméné andouille slices.


I think I am in good conditions to taste this beautiful whisky with its golden colour vintage 2018.


 Expecting to smell the typical peat of the Breton distillery, I am initially very surprised by its very fruity smell of apple and pear mixed that invaded my nose. It is only on the second pass that I find the sweet smell of smoke again.


 On the tip of the Ile de Bréhat, a light breeze rises bringing its marine scents. That's the signal you're gonna have to taste. I understand better why the north of Brittany gave me a sign! Once in the mouth, it is first of all the iodine aromas that cover my palate, immersing me even more in this beautiful setting. The flavours mix as if you were trying to eat a pear next to a peat fire. It is sweet and subtle on this cuvée.


A slice of andouille will bring out the smoke of this whisky and help it to leave its iodized and peaty notes in the mouth for longer.


Every day we would like it to be Saint Erwan's Day when we have such a whisky in our hands.