I warned you! You had to be wary of William Glad when he starts dancing, nobody can stop him.


So, I will once again brave the confinement (which never ends) and I will set out again towards the west coast of the Highlands on the Glenbeg side aboard my trusty Brad Peat.


Direction thus the ADELPHI, ARDNAMUCHAN distillery to taste their first single malt. 


The curtain is raised, the dark and opaque adornment of their spirit 2019 (AD2019) is now only a sweet memory. Only one element was missing from the transparency desired by the distillery team. The bottle cannot reflect it any more.


It is almost devoid of any notion to leave the place free for the gold-colored liquid. 



It is on the internet that the AD/09.20:01 delivers all its secrets: from the barley concerto cultivated by Alex, to the 44 barrels of bourbon (peated or not) or the 10 barrels of sherry (peated or not) that saw it age, through the 76 hours of fermentation, and by Nicky the master distiller who saw it first come out of the's all there! The flash code system delivers all the secrets of the distillate.


Beyond the slightly atypical side of this great transparency, it appears however that this first single malt was not made in a hurry but is the fruit of a big work of the distillery in order to produce a whisky worthy of the usual bottlings of Adelphi.  



It emerges above all that the distillations of this whisky from this "anus horribilis" 2020 were carried out in 2014 and 2015. In fact we find here with 5 and 6 year old distillates (whereas the distillery could have been tempted to go at the speed of the law and release its first single malt in 2018!). The place of time has been respected to start with a real whisky worthy of the name.


The last one we tasted (the 2019/AD) brought us to the youth of a slightly peaty whisky with sherry scent. So what about this promising first distillate officially called single malt ?



The first fragrances that arrive on the nose will be a curious mix of mentholated freshness and the "fruity warmth" of a ripe pineapple. One can also detect the strength of the alcohol (46.8% anyway). At the second passage, the smell becomes rounded and goes to the edge between a barley field and a humid forest. It is necessary to wait for the third passage for a light peat to appear. If you have any doubt about its presence, pour a drop in the apple of your hand and you will discover it much more present and nicely accompanied by the barley that allowed it to be distilled.


In the mouth it is fiery and goes to every corner of the palate. A powerful taste without fuss and loaded with spices. Then, when the spices have calmed down, a beautiful peat makes its arrival accompanied by roasted walnuts and caramelized almonds. Once its smoke has disappeared, a sea wave rises from the rocks. Its taste becomes salty on the tip of the tongue, peppery on its sides and honeyed in the center.


Once swallowed it leaves a hint of smoke and roasted spices in the throat.


Finally, in view of the first achievements, a lot was expected from this first "real" version and the challenge was taken up and this 6 year old distillate is up to the task (and moreover rare at a very correct price). Let's let our imagination sail towards longer durations in casks! We should still have some nice tastings to come !