Proudly located at the bottom of Harport Loch in the centre of the Isle of Skye is the TALISKER Distillery, the Mecca of maritime peat! By the way, I would like to announce that TALISKER's monopoly in the Hebrides is no more, because since 2017, it has teamed up with the distillery TORABHAIG (located further south of the island, and whose two productions I already made you taste hereand also that of the neighbouring island of RAASAY (in tasting here).




But before tasting it, let's go back to our shetland (quietly grazing in the green pastures of the island). It is thus in front of this distillery whose still room was destroyed and then rebuilt in the sixties that I decided to bring you today.


 The setting is there. Add to that a beautiful sunny day like Scotland offers us (if yes) and the conditions are there for a nice tasting. Today it will be the TALISKER DISTILLERS EDITION 2019. Or when the Hebrides meet the Iberian Peninsula. 



Indeed this beautiful 2019 version is, like all its predecessors, first aged in first-fill American oak barrels before finishing its ageing in second-fill amoroso sherry casks.


To make the most of the maritime atmosphere, I suggest you to cross the road that runs along the distillery and to settle down peacefully under the big mound on the small wall facing the loch.



Let's take our bottle of one of the classics of the classics (produced regularly since 1997) multi medal. The liquid in the bottle is clearly brown and announces fruit and spice.


As if we were waiting for an event that would trigger the tasting we look through our glass dreaming of the brown melting between the algae of the pebble beach of the distillery (at low tide), the loch and in front of us the valleys that drain the Allt Fasbadair.


As if out of nowhere, a majestic gannet madman split the sky and took us out of our dream. Here is our signal.



Let's dip our noses in the glass.


Out of our torpor we are quite easily overcome by a strong and lively smell that comes to tickle our nostrils. The first aromas to arrive are very fruity and impregnated with the sherry finish. Then comes the smell of vanilla as slightly peppery. The third passage highlights softer and more citrusy aromas. One does not really feel the usual TALISKER aromas (smoke, light peat and iodine). Disconcerting.


It is only in the apple of the hand that once the fruit has evaporated one feels a smell of cold ash.


 It is in the mouth that TALISKER proves to be a whisky from the Hebrides made from peated barley. Indeed, it brings first of all in power (in spite of its "45,8 %") a light peat which quickly fades away to give way to red fruits. When it is kept in the mouth it goes through a phase of malty aromas on the tongue and dry on the foliated papillae (the sides of the mouth dry out). Before going down the throat, the liquid will become more maritime and peppery to remind us once again that we have a TALISKER in the mouth.


 Once swallowed, it will leave in your memories long aromas of bitter dark chocolate, dry seawater or a sweet sprig of raisins and liquorice.


Magnificent reference.


 It is at this moment that our friend the mad bassan passes in front of us again in the other direction pursued by big dark clouds! The weather is fine in the Hebrides but it rains sometimes too! It's going to be time to go home !